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plate down to the new cortex, locked screws are placed in threaded plate holes and should only be inserted after non-locked screws have pulled the plate to the bone. When straight plates are used on straight bones (e.g. ulna), the plate must be slightly pre-bent to assure com-pression of the far cortex and avoid fracture gapping. Custom Made Orthopedic Kit Orthopedic Drills & Medical Bone Screws, all hex head, cortical, self tapping 1.5mm (6-20mm) 2.0mm (8-30mm) 2.7mm (10-30mm) 3.5mm (10-50mm) Bone Screws, cancellous, fully threaded 4.0mm (12-50mm) 6.5mm (10-30mm) Screw Drivers, all sizes quick coupling fiber handle Bone Plates 1.5mm (3-12 hole length) 2.0mm (3-12 hole length) 2.7mm (3-12 hole length) 3.5mm (3-12 hole

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Helpful during revision total joint surgery where screws have been used, removal of bone plates, fracture fixation screws or bone graft screws. Set consists of:7 (seven) double ended screwdriver bits small & large single slot, cross & cruciate, 3.5 mm & 4.5 mm hex, small & large phillips, small, medium, & large star a handle which Locking Ankle Plating System - Acumedorthopaedic and medical solutions. We are dedicated to developing products, service The system was designed to be low profile and includes locking screws and a Type II anodized finish to the plates. The Locking Ankle Plating System is a modular component of the Lower Extremity Modular 2.7 mm hex HPC-0025 (short) 2.0 mm 80-0386 or HT Orthopaedic Cable System Technique GuideT15 StarDrive or 2.5 mm Hex recess (01.221.002S) and T25 StarDrive or 3.5 mm Hex recess (02.221.003S).* Load the proper size Cerclage Button onto the cable and slide it down to the crimp before passing the cable around the bone. Pass the cable around the bone, as described in Steps 12. Place the button in the head of either

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Excellent quality veterinary orthopedic implants. Animal bone plate 1.5mm. Very strong. Made of stainless steel. Has excellent customer reviews! Sizes available are listed below. 4 holes 5 holes 6 holes 7 holes 8 holes 9 holes 10 holes 11 holes 12 holes 13 holes Orthopedic Instrument - DHS/DCS Tap Manufacturer from Manufacturer of Orthopedic Instrument - DHS/DCS Tap, 38 mm DHS Triple Reamer Barrel, DHS & DCS Centering Sleeve Long Wrench and DHS/DCS Wrench offered by Marshal Industries, Rajkot, Gujarat. Orthopedic Screwdrivers Millennium SurgicalDuring orthopedic surgical procedures that aim to repair a broken bone or to secure two bone fragments, screwdrivers are used to secure screws in plates. Hex drivers, extractors, trephine tips, chucks with keys, screw removal systems, cruciform patterns, and complete sets are available.

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Double threaded plates accept either Hex (HLH ST) or Star (SLH ST) Locking Head Self-Tapping screws and cortical screws. Double Threaded plates feature our multipurpose hole which allows either compression or locking in either side of the multipurpose hole. Plates and Screws Models Orthopromed Inc. MedicalMulti Function Type; Stainless Steel Models; Surgical Plaster Saw; Surgical Power Tools Accessories Orthopedic Bone Screws 2.0mm Self Tapping Hex Head. Bone Plate. TPLO Bone plate 2.7mm. Veterinary Orthopaedic TPLO Plate 3.5mm. Orthopaedic Bone Plates 2.7mm Premium Quality. Orthopedic Bone Plates 1.5mm Premium Quality. Orthopedic Bone Straight Type External Fixator Orthopedic Drills Straight Type External Fixator, Hundreds of different models of orthopedic drills for medical and veterinary surgery, worldwide delivery, lifetime support with international warranty.

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Screwdriver bit-hex set; Star Bits:3.5" star bits in a torx sizes 4 through 25. Handles:Straight and T-handles in a variety of lengths. Mini Bits:Mini hex and Mini cruciform bits. Hex Bits:Hex driver bits in a variety of sizes, notched and unnotched, small and mini quick coupling (holding sleeves not included).Plates and Screws - Otyker OrthopaedicsSingle Function Type (High Grade) Single Function Type (Common) Single Function Type (SS Type) Orthopedic Bone Screws 3.5mm Self Tapping Hex Head. Orthopedic Bone Plates 3.5mm Premium Quality. Orthopaedic Bone Plates 2.7mm Premium Quality. Orthopedic Bone Plates 2.0mm Premium Quality. Orthopedic Bone Plates 1.5mm Premium Quality