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Wholesaler of AISI H 13 Hot Work Tool Alloy Die Steels Material - Tool Steel H13 Flat Bar (Square, SCS, Rectangular, RCS Bars), H13 Tool Steel Plates, Sheets & Blocks(Alloy Tool Die Steel), H-13 Tool Steel / H13 Die Steel / H13 Alloy Tool Steel Bar and H13 Hot Die Steel Rod (ESR, EFS Alloy Tool Steel Drill Rods) offered by Tradewell Ferromet Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra. China 1.2343/H11/SKD6 Hot Rolled Alloy die tool Steel The United States air cold hardening type hot work die steel, the steel is the three most common hot die casting industry in Europe die steel, carbides, steel distribution, hot crack resistance and anti corrosion performance, and good processing performance, good hardenability, temperature with thick heat and force in the oxidation resistance, high toughness and wear resistance.

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Hardness:Heat treatment:Tool Steel H11 can be heat treated using various different schemes that give different properties. Heat treatments of this alloy usually consist of annealing, hardening/austenitizing, air and oil quenching, and single or double tempering at temperatures of 840° F (450° C), 930° F (500° C), 1020° F (550° C), 1110° F (600° C), and 1200° F (650° C). H11/AISI H11/DIN 2343 Ventura Steels - Hot Die Steel H11 steel is inclusive of all hot work tool steel with excellent rigidity and durability along with great thermal conductivity and invulnerability to hot cracking and can be water cooled to a constrained degree. H11 is primarily used for apparatus holders, ejector pins and shrink fit chucks. H12 Tool SteelH12 Hot Work Die Steel Steel Grade H12AFNOR Z 35 CDW 5-1. H12 hot work Die Steel could be a five-hitter Cr, general hot work steel that is characterized by glorious impact toughness. It contains less vanadium than the widely-used H13 hot work tool steel, and also the tungsten content provides higher temper resistance. it has smart resistance to thermal fatigue cracking (heat checking) and excellent resistance to gross cracking and thermal shock once water cooled in commission.TLS H12 hot work tool steel

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H13 Hot Die Steel,H21 Hot Die Steel Flat and H11 Hot Die Steel best for making pressure die casting dies, High-Quality forging dies. offering a premium range of Tool Steel - HOT WORK TOOL STEEL H11 ROUND Authorized H11 is a 5% Chromium - Molybdenum and slightly lower Vanadium hot work tool steel that is represented by its excellent impact toughness and marginally reduced wear resistance. H11 tool steel is a deep hardening, air hardening steel. Tool Steel H11 All Metals & Forge Group

  • Principal Design FeaturesApplicationsMachinabilityFormingTemperingOther CommentsThis alloy is one of the Hot Work, Chromium type tool steels. It is relatively low in carbon content and has good toughness and deep hardens by air quench from heat treatment.H11 Tool Steel AISI 1.2343 - Tool Steel & Alloy SteelAISI H11 tool steel is a 5% chromium hot-work tool steel. Otai steel supplies good quality H11 steel, and equivalents 1.2343/X37CrMoV5-1, SKD6, BH11 steel.

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    The steel has good hardenability and can be hardened by air cooling. Its hardness can reach hrc62-64 and the deformation is small after air quenching. The steel has high strength and good toughness. Standard hardness:55 to 60 (HRC) flame hardening steel heating temperature:940 ~ 1100 ºC annealing:825 ~ 875.H11 - Universal MetalsH11. H11 alloy is a 5% chromium hot-work tool steel characterized by its incredible impact toughness and good red-hardness.The alloy is a deep-hardening, air-hardening steel that exhibits minimal size change during heat treatment. Because of its excellent resistance to thermal fatigue cracking, in addition to strong resistance to gross cracking and thermal shock, H11 is generally used in highly stressed