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For higher heat inputs, the structure becomes coarser in a Widmänsttaten morphology and the hardness in the melted area, drops.TIG welds present coarser microstructures than the ones observed in laser welds, mostly constituted of bainite with hardness values lower than those observed in laser welding.Fiber laser dendrites width, formed after welding, are 63% smaller then the ones observed in TIG process; however austenite grain is similar for both processes.The fine grain structure Characterization of AZ31B wrought magnesium alloy joints Oct 01, 2011 · They also found the porosity in fiber laser welds of AE42 and AS41 magnesium alloys was mainly attributed to the preexisted micro-pores in the base metals . Liu have studied the microstructure characteristics of fiber laser welds of AZ91D and AMCa403 magnesium alloys , , but the mechanical properties of welded joints were not reported. Obviously, these limited researches are

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Mechanical Performance of Fiber Laser Welded AA5182 weld characterization of aluminum alloys. They reveal the grain boundaries and weld zone microstructure. First of these was 0.5 ml HF in 100 Microstructural Characteristics and Mechanical Properties Jan 01, 2015 · A high brightness fiber laser was adopted to carry out the analysis. No filler wire and shaped grooves were used. An experimental plan was implemented keeping constant the laser power and varying the welding speed. A proper device was adopted to prevent oxidation phenomena that involve Ti at high temperatures reached during the thermal process. Microstructure Characterization of AZ31B Mg Alloy Welds The Nd:YAG laser welding process of AZ31B alloys was performed by using the six-axis robot in this work. The microstructure characterization of AZ31B auto-welded joints was studied by using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS). The laser welding process resulted in the formation of equiaxed grains in the center of the fusion zone (FZ) and columnar grains

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At the same time, the difference in microstructure between the laser zone and arc zone of laser-MAG hybrid welding of X80 pipeline steel is observed. Compared with the arc zone, the laser zone has finer weld grains and a narrower heat affected zone (HAZ). Characterization of Fiber Laser Welds in X100 Pipeline Steel, Mater. Des., 30, pp. Microstructure-properties correlation in fiber laser Jun 23, 2014 · The fusion zone (FZ) in the DP welds consisted of fully martensitic structure; whereas HSLA and dissimilar weld FZ microstructure were mixture of martensite and bainite. Analytical transmission electron microscopy (TEM) confirmed bainite structures containing bainitic ferrite laths with intralath and interlath cementite.Laser welding and microstructural characterization of Jan 01, 2019 · Laser welding for all joints was performed using an 8 kW fiber laser (IPG YLS-8000-S2-Y12) with a 300 m fiber, a 300 mm optic and a focus diameter of 746 m, respectively. The focus position was set on the sheet surface between the weld coupons (0 mm), utilizing a laser power (P) of 4.5 kW, a welding speed (v) of 3 m/min, a heating and cooling rate of 100 K/min.